Information sur l'auteur
Dr. Pierre-Jean Morin, Ph. D.
Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine.  Chief Perfusionist and research associate at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, 1957-1967; Coordinator for Research in the Heart Institute and Artificial Organs Group, and Lecturer in Medicine, Laval University, 1967-1979; Director of Medical Research, Laval University Hospital, 1973-1979; Senior Scientific Advisor to the Environment Minister and the Prime Minister of Quebec, 1976-1985; Director, Local Community Services Centre, Lotbiniere West, 1979-1990.  Dr. Morin was scientific advisor to counsel for the plaintiffs in major fluoridation litigation in Texas in 1982. He is co-author of some 80 publications in the medical field; six of these are related to water fluoridation.
John Remington Graham, B.A., LL. B.
B.A., LL.B. Since his admission to the Minnesota Bar in 1967, he practiced before the courts of fifteen jurisdictions of the United States and consulted in important litigation in Canada. He has served as a founding professor in an accredited law school, a public defender, and a public prosecutor. He has tried three major cases involving forensic science and medicine as related to artificial fluoridation in public water supplies, questioning the leading experts in the world on both sides.  In each case, he secured judicial findings that artificial fluoridation of public water supplies causes or contributes significantly to cancer and other ailments in man. He is a co-author of a number of key papers on cancer epidemiology, published in the United States, Great Britain and Canada. He is a specialist in British, American and Canadian constitutional law and history.

Gilles Parent, n.d.
Gilles Parent studied naturopathy at the Quebec Institute for Naturopathy. He is a clinical practician since 1973 and also taught naturopathy at the École d'enseignement supérieur de naturopathie du Québec for many years. He is a member and officer of the Canadian Association of Naturopathy.  In 1975 he published a book on water fluoridation, “L'inconséquence de la fluoration” and since directed a magazine on the subject, “Fluoridation in question”.  In 1987 he published a best-seller on arthritis, “Vaincre l'arthrite” ; his nutritional approach of the treatment is based on a sound knowledge of the biochemistry of the disease and of the dietary treatment. Gilles Parent is a long standing opponent of water fluoridation and other forms of fluoridation. He voiced his opposition before the Quebec government's Parliamentary Commission and the Montreal City Council, concentrating on the toxicological and environmental aspects of the question.

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