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Fluoridation : autopsy of a scientific error

Fluoridation : autopsy of a scientific error

Pierre-Jean Morin, Ph.D., Me John Remington Graham, Gilles Parent, n.d.

Pages : 234
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Three respected scientists join their expertise to bring you this outstanding take on the health risks associated with fluoridation

Since the 1950's, towns and cities all over North America were and are being pressured to put fluoride in their drinking water. Data shows that not only does it have dangerous side effects but it does not even do what it purports doing. Dental and bone fluorosis, fluoridation-related cancers and congenital defects are increasing at an alarming rate. Recent studies link water fluoridation to brain cancer, low IQs and hyperactivity.  All this because of a questionable scientific finding made 70 years ago that allowed big aluminium companies to recycle their fluoride leftovers from chemical processes into drinking water while dental professionals were trained to believe in their health benefits.

Along the years, quite a number of peer reviewed studies invalidated this finding and more still demonstrated the dangers of systemic absorption of fluorides through fluoride polluted air or artificially fluoridated tap water. The authors of this book gathered the most relevant information pertaining to this demonstration (they went through over 2000 new scientific articles and reports). They are well known in North America for they are the specialists the courts listen to when citizens challenge their municipal government on the merits of water fluoridation. They are renowned for proving the relation between fluoridation and cancer. As of today, they won all their court cases. Since the first publication, new studies confirm the original findings.

Fluoridation as a major health issue
The flawed science of fluoridation
Origin, toxicity and dosage of the fluorochemicals used in water fluoridation
Topic application vs systemic intake
Dental caries and dental fluorosis
Fluoride related cancers
Court wins confirming the validity of the scientific studies on the health hazards of fluoridation
Backed with 27 tables of statistical and scientific data

Pierre-Jean Morin, Ph.D. Experimental Medicine, was the Medical research coordinator/director at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, the Heart Institute and Artificial Organs Group and the Laval University Hospital, before becoming the Senior scientific advisor to the Environment Minister and the Prime Minister of Quebec, and to the plaintiffs in a major fluoridation litigation in Houston, Texas. He co-authored some 80 publications in the medical field, of which seven are related to water fluoridation.

Me John Remington Graham, B.A., LL.B., practiced law in fifteen jurisdictions of the United States and consulted in important litigation in Canada. He tried three major cases involving forensic science and medicine as related to artificial fluoridation in public water supplies, securing judicial findings that artificial fluoridation causes or contributes significantly to cancer and other ailments. He co-authored key papers on cancer epidemiology published in the USA, Great Britain and Canada.

Gilles Parent, n.d., has been a clinical practician in naturopathy since 1973 and a professor of naturopathy at the École d'enseignement supérieur de naturopathie du Québec for many years. In 1975 he published a book on water fluoridation, L'inconséquence de la fluoration, and directed a magazine called Fluoridation in question. A long standing opponent of artificial fluoridation for the toxicological and environmental hazards it poses, he still works tirelessly with non-profit and grass-root organisations to end water fluoridation in Quebec and Canada.


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